Our compact equipment ensures minimal excavation and disruption to access areas.

Wet Basement? We provide a complete solution to this common problem.

The waterproofing process:

1) Excavate material from around the basement walls to down beside the existing footing. 

2) Wall is pressure washed in preparation for BlueSkin membrane primer.

3) BlueSkin rubberized membrane is applied to the BlueSkin primer that was directly applied to the wall after pressure washing. This membrane provides the physical barrier to ensure water does not penetrate cracks and holes that may be present in your block or poured walls. 

4) A dimpleboard type membrane is then applied over the Blueskin which provides another physical barrier to water but more importantly protects the soft Blueskin membrane during backfilling and subsequent settling of the soil. 

5) A 4" filter sock big-O pipe is placed all around the building beside the foundation and is covered with 3/4" clean gravel. This gravel and tube combination provides a path for water to escape to daylight away from the house, to a sump pump pit or to an approved city storm drain. 

6) The excavation is then backfilled with an appropriate fill material that may be present on site or that may need to be trucked in if the excavated soil is too rocky or too impermeable. The area is then graded and finished with the original final surface (grass, dirt, asphalt, etc)

Basement Waterproofing